Our Services

Self -Serve / Drop Off laundry services
Customers have the option of doing their own laundry using our state-of-the-art coin operated equipment more than 100 total machines or indulge themselves by utilizing our drop off service.  

Our laundry drop-off service includes washing, stain-treatment (if necessary), drying, and folding or hanging of clothes. We provide all of the materials needed including detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets,  etc...  All you have to do is drop off your laundry and we do all of the work!  Drop off  today will ready by tomorrow.

To find out more, please contact us at 650-576-5863  for standard and bulk rates.

Entertainment Options
To keep our customers entertained while washing, we offer 60"  flat screen televisions, Free Wi-Fi , and a Wash And Win monthly raffle drawing, where you can enter your name and  win fabulous  prizes such as mountain bike, digital camera, gps and  personal dvd player. The more  you wash the greater chance of winning.  Although, we love your company, you won't be here long, as you can Wash and Dry at Clean Wash  Center  in 44 minutes.

Our Staff

Standing Left to Right. Rod, Mar, Leo, Roger, Froilan, Violy, Norma and Teng. Sitting Left to Right Bart ,Isias, Freddie, John and Melchor