Type Of Stain

 * Rubbing Alcohol
* Hydrogen Peroxide
* Dishwashing Detergent

To remove grass stains, dab the area with rubbing alcohol or diluted hydrogen peroxide before washing. Or, try putting liquid dish washing detergent on the stain, let sit for ten minutes then wash.

 * Dry Cleaning Solution
* Lighter Fluid
* Salad oil
* Peanut Butter

To take chewing gum off clothes, place the item of clothing in a plastic bag, then freeze it for about an hour. Take the clothing out of the freezer, then bend the fabric across the stain to crack the gum. Chip off the pieces with a dull knife.
If that doesn't work, let the gum return to room temperature then dampen a cloth with dry-cleaning solution, lighter fluid, salad oil or peanut butter and rub on the gum, then work it off with a dull knife. Launder as usual.